USC18 & 2257 "You are the person displaying the images and therefore should have the documents. With every set we supply IDs and a model release.This information is for your security and must not ever be revealed to anyone other than the necessary authorities. You may list us as the holders of records should you wish, at tis address: Predictive Analytics OÜ, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Punane tn 56, 13619 Estonia
How to buy?

We have tried to make the ordering and buying process as simple as possible, but if you have any suggestions feel free to tell us.
1. REGISTER: if you have not already registered please do so.

2. LOGIN: self explanatory. Now the system knows who you are.

3. ADD CONTENT TO BASKET: When you have finished you can complete and pay for the order or leave it until later.

4. CHECKOUT: when you completed your shopping cart use the CHECKOUT button and follow the process. It's all automated and all the information is in the process.

5. FILL THE COMPANY INFO: Fill the company info and domain names for the license.

6. INVOICE: in the ordering process, you can print it out.

7. PAYMENT: by the following methods.

Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Paxum, ePayService, we proceed manually. ( to speed up th activation please send us the confirmation)

Credit Card   - real-time so you'll get order within few minutes.

8.CONFIRMATION: Let us know about the payment method to speed up the activation (Credit Card, Paxum, Wire Transfer, ePayService, )

9. DELIVERY OF CONTENT. You can download from your FTP account. More info in the downloads section.

How long is my license agreement valid for? The license agreement is valid for life. The price you pay is a one time fee for a lifetime license.

Your Account on AdultLabs. You can use funds from you adultlabs wallet account to pay for the content.

Payment We accept all major Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Paxum, ePayService the information you need for them is in the invoice when you complete the order.






You can download your purchase from our server FTP after order activation. License will be sent via regular mail automatically(or you can download it from the site). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

FTP Download All information about FTP download in the downloads section.
How many domains can I use your content on? You can use it on ten domains.
Will my credit card be re-billed? No, all our pictures and video clips are only charged once. You will never be rebilled.
I need to make a change in my license agreement? Not a problem, send over an e-mail with the changes you would like to make. Please make sure to include your order number, and e-mail address.
Guarantee Choosing the right sets for your site is difficult from a few samples and thumbs. But if when you receive a set you are dissatisfied with it email us and we will replace it.
Forgot password Just follow this link.
Can I offer your content as promo to my affiliates? Yes. Check the Promo, FHG, Affiliates, Paysites membership area. (this license price is 2x times of the site price)
Is this content sold only on your site? Yes, we shoot ourselves and it can't be found on any other site
How often do you update the site with new content? We do it on a beweekly basis.
Can I use pictures on more than one website? Yes. Each license is valid for 10 domains.
Further questions and suggestions

If you have any more queries or suggestions regarding our site or content please contact us: